Portrait by Stina Fisch © 2020

Anne-Marie Herckes

Anne-Marie Herckes (b. 1978 in Luxembourg) studied fashion design in Antwerp and Vienna. She honed her skills working for Viktor & Rolf, Kostas Murkudis, Ute Ploier, Katharina Hovman and the girl and the gorilla before creating her own brand of accessories and textile jewellery in 2009. Her trademark creations are miniaturised versions of fashion icons: jackets, bags, and shoes that can be worn as brooches or attached to bags and phones as lucky charms. A cheek-in-tongue homage to fashion and its trendsetting designers, her accessories are all handmade from chosen materials.


Mudam, Luxembourg
Arty Dandy, Paris
Iena, Tokyo

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Anne-Marie Herckes
26, rue Michel Rodange
L-2430 Luxembourg


+352 691 7825 94

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